Girls Who Run The World: How Alexis Robinson Is In A Lane Of Her Own

Game changer. Hard worker. Director of Inspiration. Positive role model.

These are  just a few phrases to describe Diamond M PR CEO Alexis Robinson.

As a student of University of Oklahoma in media studies and a former tennis player, her dream was to take over in media and create a brand that is like no other. Although she stopped playing tennis due to an injury, her love for sports and media was far from over. She then began her dream by studying public relations and eventually getting her degree from University of Oklahoma. For more than a few years, she fell in love with her career, and eventually building her brand and clients, including Travis Kelce, Aaron Colvin, DJ Duffey, and more.  A year ago, Diamond Marketing and Public Relations began as a company that is what it is now: a company specializing in entertainment, sports, brand building, and much more.

But, how does she do it?

It’s simple: hard work and dedication. She puts 100% (and more) into what she loves to do. Robinson gives it her all, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She also inspires many women to push for what they want and be different and amazing, including a hashtag called #womeninsports, and a current contributor for Front Office Sports, including interview women in media and women who are changing the game and working just as hard as she does. While she has a 24/7 career, she also spends a lot of time putting her brand and career first. In addition, she wastes no time making sure that everyone that surrounds her is doing something successful.  No matter if she is building a brand or turning a hobby into a successful career for someone else, she is someone many people respect and a woman who is already at the top of her game.

For more information on her company, visit  and follow her on all social media, including Twitter and Instagram.


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