No Vote? No Problem: Top Five Reasons Why People Refuse to Vote During The 2016 Election

One of the most dreading days this year will be coming up soon. That day is the 2016 Presidential Election, in which Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will be chosen as the leader of our country. However, there are people who are refusing to vote for a variety of reasons, including both personal, religious, and political reasons.

Here are the top five reasons why people refusing to vote during this year’s election:


The two options that we do have as the next leader of this “free country” are two candidates who are known for a variety of things. While Donald Trump is known for having businesses and a reality show, Hillary Clinton is known for advocacy with children and also for being the First Lady of this country. However, there are also those, including myself, who are not exactly fond of either candidate for this country since the two of them spend more time arguing on social media rather than fixing the problems in this country.


Although a vote does matter in the election, what happens to the rest of the votes? While 97% of votes are being used for determining the winner of the election, the 3% is thrown away or used as a tiebreaker for an election. In addition, those who plan on voting have the fear that their vote is going to be thrown away and not going to matter.


According to Ramirez Group, “More than 1 in 4 Americans are not registered to vote.” Although there are 218 million Americans registered to vote, this “small” amount of people are still not registered to vote for many reasons, including not being registered in their state, transportation and family problems, and just not wanting to vote in this upcoming election.


The media can have some form of an impact on how people plan to vote during the 2016 election. While the arguments are coming from both presidential candidates, there are also the analysts, reporters, and more media officials who are putting their two cents into this upcoming election. However, how does this affect those who are not going to vote? This type of impact can influence others to not vote just because of how much of a mess this election is, as well as how people are focused on what people are saying about the election and candidates rather than how the candidates are going to fix the problems in this country.


There are also those in this country who are still unsure if they even want to vote during the Presidential Election. With a lot of influence and buzz going around this election, it makes people decide if they even want to vote. From the back and forth arguments on social media from both candidates and those who are planning to vote to the constant focus shifting constantly to the election, there is a question of whether either candidate really care about the American people or are they just doing it just to get 30 seconds of our attention.


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