How Fucci Is Taking The World By Storm

In the life of fashion and styling, it is vital to have creativity, originality, swag, and being able to turn fashion into some form of a walking masterpiece.

As a young fashion extraordinaire, Farren Fucci is completely changing the game (and rules) of the fashion world. In addition to his DIY Polyvore account, Fucci isn’t following the rules: he breaks them, sets his own rules, and allows others to be completely influenced and inspired by him. He even has the queen herself, Rihanna, even following him and paying close attention to his extreme attention to detail and his aesthetic that is completely unique and incredible. His passion for putting just something together on someone is something that makes people fall in love with him.

What makes people fall in love with him even more is his eye for fashion, and how he can take just one simple outfit and make it into something that just came off of the runway at New York Fashion Week. However, he isn’t just your typical fashionisto. With his large following on social media, people love him for being himself. Similar to Rihanna, his swag is the “I don’t give a fuck what you think about me,” which is motivating because it inspires many people to be confident within themselves. While his love for the people who support him (oh, his haters too!) is strong, his heart is purely nothing but golden.

So, who is Fucci? A young fashion legend who is taking the world by storm and building his brand into something that even has the haters supporting him.

Follow Fucci on Twitter and Instagram today!


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