“It is always easier said than done.”

I am not sure as to decided to make that quote in particular, but bless the person who said that first because it is a fucking QUOTE.

Many of you (for those who care) probably wants to know what my fears are in life, it is the fear of rejection and failure.

Now, before I get into my deeper thoughts, let me break down what the definition of these words:

Failure – lack of success

Rejection – the action of rejecting:the state of being rejected

What does these two words have in common, besides me being afraid? It is also the reason why I sometimes choose not to take risks. Whenever I want to do something big, I always dream about doing it and having these fantastic plans of making it happen. Why don’t I just go for it, you may ask? It is simply because I always ask myself questions, including “Am I really ready for this?” and “Why are you doing this?” and “Are you going to be happy doing this forever?” I also think about whether my passion for what I love to do is going to get me to the next level. It is also a difficult time whenever you want to make something grand, but then you’re afraid that you are going to get rejected from it. This also comes from a time of when I would apply to work at places, and I would not get a response at all or I would get rejected with a nice, professional letter to go along with it.

If you haven’t noticed as well, I’m really scared to fail. Whenever I want to do a project, I get extremely nervous about failing and I question whether it was meant for me to do what I love. I know, I shouldn’t question it, but it’s hard when you want to make your dreams happen and do wonderful things, but then you get afraid of failing. While many women want to get married or have children, I would like to become a successful entrepreneur. I want to have a business where it is thriving and something everyone is going to love. But, it sucks when you are afraid that your business is going to fail because of how I am not like everyone else. I also want to do something wonderful and inspire women the way I have been inspired.

But, how can I do that if I am afraid of letting other people down and getting rejected along the way?

Maybe I just need to just say “Fuck It” and just do it. (No Nike.)

Let me know what you all think on twitter @jascalloway and feel free to send suggestions, comments, etc.

With Love,



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  1. I just want to be the first to comment and say that you’re writing is inspiring me and motivating me. I am going through the same position with myself. You the reason that I need to believe in myself.


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