It’s been a long time since Bryson Tiller released an album. Now, he is about to give the world what we all deserve: new music and an album.

Bryson Tiller released three (not one, not two, but THREE) songs from his upcoming album, True To Self.  These three songs are just a few of many songs that will be on an album, including a follow-up from Tiller’s single, “Let Me Explain,” which was released in October 2016. In his first song, “Honey,” he sings about having a conversation with his girlfriend, and hoping he understands where she is coming from. In “Get Mine,” which also features Young Thug, it is a song about getting success for himself and focusing on grinding rather than his haters. His third single, “Somethin Tells Me,” is a song that is about relationships, and how he wants to make the relationship strong between him and his girl, despite his thoughts of him possibly their relationship.

True To Self is set to be released on June 23.

While waiting for his sophomore album, take a listen to these three songs below:




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