It is a queen’s birthday. A Black queen, that is.

Grace Jones’s birthday is TODAY, and while she turns 65 years old, the queen still remains to look like she is in her 20’s. To honor her, here are five memorable clips from Queen Jones:

5. In 1985, Grace Jones went to The Tonight Show Staring Johnny Carson talks about the interview she did with an Australian reporter, as well as reminding him of who she is. Definitely an interview to watch.

4. This clip is from Season 1 of classic show In Living Color as Kim Wayans portrays the queen herself. How can anyone not remember this particular scene?!

3. This interview was done during The Joan Rivers Show in 1993. This interview is definitely one that you should not miss. (RIP Joan Rivers, btw.)

2. In this interview, Jones clocks a reporter when he asks her questions about being a woman, including asking her about her “being too aggressive.” She handled it very classy and still remains to clock him.

  1. One of the classic scenes from film Boomerang. If you don’t remember this scene, you missed an epic scene.

Happy Birthday, Grace Jones!


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